Couples & Relationship Therapy & Counselling

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Counselling for All Types of Relationships: Improve Your Life Together, or Find Positive Ways of Being Apart

Effective Relationship Coaching, Therapy and Counselling improves Relationships by:

  • Improving Communications
  • Coaching Listening Skills
  • Coaching Compromise Skils
  • Increasing Empathy and Understanding
  • Challenges Relationship Myths
  • Challenges Negative Behaviours
  • Develops Honesty and Openness
  • Supports Each Individual
  • Ensures the Safety of Everyone Involved in a Relationship

How Couples Therapy Works?

Effective Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling always starts by seeing both partners together to discover the basics of the issues, determine a course of action and agree boundaries.


It is usual to then see each partner individually to explore each partners issues in detail.


We will then all work together on the skills and understanding needed to make effective progress.


The counsellors role is to guide the partners, coach them in the skills and challenge unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. It is not the counsellors role to act as judge and jury!


At all times all participants must agree to be honest and open, while remaining calm and respectful.

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